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Sudoku game

Sudoku is a logic game originated in Japan in the early eighties.
It has, immediately, a large spread in the country of origin, Then spread throughout the world in recent years.
The reasons for its success are evident, simple rules and the challenge to the skills of logic and concentration of the player.
In its original form, the puzzle uses a grid consisting of 3x3 square, in turn containing a square of 3x3 boxes. In each box should be written a number between 1 and 9.
The rules, as mentioned, are simple, you must arrange the numbers in a manner that complies with three basic rules:
1) In each column of the grid should appear all 9 numbers without repeating.
2) In each horizontal row of the grid should appear all 9 numbers without repeating.
3) In each 3x3 square should appear all 9 numbers without repeating.
Usually the game starts with a few boxes where there is already a number.
After this initial one, the game have appeared in many other different forms. For example, to have new forms, we could change the dimensions of the grid, increasing or decreasing the amount of symbols based on the number of boxes. (Take a look at our page:Sudoku 16x16)

What can you find on this site.

- A collection of Sudoku (which grows over time) to play on line in interactive mode. The formats are: 9x9 and 16x16
- A page from where You can download, each day, a set of Sudoku in PDF format. To print and play "off-line".

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